the BIG day

On Tuesday I won a Gold Medal at the IBJJF European Championship, and right after my medal, I also received my blue belt – right on the same podium.

The fruits of two years of hard work and incredible support from my master Petar Pecija, and a wonderful team, ZR Vienna.

Very special thanks to Paul Pietsch and Markus Haider for their time, attention and trust, for Mathe for special practice times, for Natalie and Yasi who were beside me from the first minute, for Sophie and Conny for helping to prepare and for the BJJ Girls and all those young and strong guys who were always willing to roll with me always challenging but never crashing me. BJJ is not only the best sport for me but it is also a great adventure in my life and a very positive human experience. It is a privilege to be part of such a team and a wider community of BJJ champions, adicts and funs.